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Antar Tri-Wheels Rollator

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Tri-Wheels Rollator

If you thinks of a rollator, you immediately have the classic form in mind. Antar breaks with this formula and presents the tricycle. It is shaped like a delta, i. two wheels in the back, one in front. The rollator is very agile and absolutely stable. You can also adjust the height according to your wishes. For transport or stowage, the rollator can easily be folded up. Should you ever want to sit down, the Antar Tri-Wheels Rollator also offers you a seat. TheTri-Wheels roll-up combines modern, fresh design with the usual safety of a classic four-wheels Rollator.

  • Modern delta shape
  • Sturdy frame (6.25 kg)
  • Height adjustable (82cm to 99cm)
  • Easily foldable
  • Fully equipped: anatomically shaped handles, parking brakes, removable back strap, various pockets, net for bottles
  • Seat (at 50 cm height)
  • Load capacity up to 135kg

Technical specifications

  • Width between handles: 33 cm
  • Seat height: 50 cm
  • Lowest grip height: 82 cm
  • Highest grip height: 99 cm
  • Diameter of wheels: 8 inch
  • Width between the rear wheels: 58 cm
  • Distance between front and rear: 49 cm
  • Max. Load capacity of the rollator: 135 kg
  • Weight: 6.30 kg

Maintenance and important notes

  • Please do not use any corrosive cleaning agents for cleaning
  • Do not use acid or alkaline solutions or polish agents
  • The device must not be put outside in the rain
  • When assembling, please handle the rollator carefully. To avoid injury, keep your fingers away from the parts of the device when turning or when fixing the seat. During other activities, press the brake to avoid slipping.
  • Please do not hang objects on the right or left side of the rollator to avoid the instability and pivoting of the rollator.
  • Before storage, fold the device together


  • Tri-Wheels Rollator
  • operation manual
  • shopping bag 
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