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TOPRO Troja premium quality from Norway

In der Kommune Gjøvik, located on the shore of the idyllic and longest lake in Norway - Mjøsa - the TOPRO rollators have been developed and produced for over 50 years. Due to its quality and experience, TOPRO now offers a 7-year warranty on all premium rollators after more than 1 million rollators sold in the last 25 years! This warranty covers all parts that are not subject to wear or assembly. Many people with mobility problems already benefit from the company's expertise and can make their everyday lives more independent and more mobile.

The model series TOPRO Troja and TOPRO Olympos are particularly popular, proven award-winning. The German Society for Gerontotechnology (GGT) tested both multifunctional rollators under real-world indoor and outdoor conditions and awarded TOPRO Troja a grade of 1.8 and TOPRO Olympos a grade of 1.6. Thus, these rollator models have earned the "GGT seal" sovereign.

Practical test conditions of TOPRO Troja & Co.

What were the specific test conditions of TOPRO Troja and TOPRO Olympos? The two TOPRO rollators were tested by private individuals for a period of one to two weeks in their everyday life. The test subjects should already have experienced in handling rollators and been addressed by their own physical impairment as potential users of new rollators. Users put the TOPRO Troja and TOPRO Olympos walkers through their paces in everyday situations such as shopping, going for a walk and the like, as well as for use in the home or care facility. Rollator models were evaluated on the basis of criteria established prior to the study. Among them are the following, which attracted particular attention by the test subjects:

  • Handling while driving
  • Handles and brakes
  • safety
  • Use as a seat
  • Functionality during transport and storage (Rollator foldable)
  • Use of the memory function
  • basket Terms
  • cleaning
  • Stability while walking and sitting
  • Optics (color design and processing)
  • Accessories (stick holders, back straps, umbrella holders, bags)

TOPRO Troja is a foldable rollator that convinces with high quality and high comfort                  the rollator topro olympos is a foldable with convincing quality

TOPRO Troja - User tested and recommended

TOPRO Troja - online Shop PHILmed 24 Gesundheit - 2Lightweight rollators such as the TOPRO Troja have to meet many requirements. Each user has an individual walking impairment and therefore their own wishes, which must be met by the helpful rollator TOPRO Troja. The test judgments and the concrete instructions of the test persons persuade the manufacturer TOPRO to implement the feedback in the conception of new models. Only in this way is it possible to make everyday life easier for people with restricted mobility. TOPRO Troja and other lightweight rollators are giving back impaired people a sense of independence and independence. These perceived qualities are crucial for increasing the actual and perceived quality of life. If you opt for rollators models from TOPRO, you can count on the fact that the walkers were tested by many users and recommended for their high quality. Functionality, ergonomics and durability are the most elementary criteria that the TOPRO Troja model range meets with flying colours.

TOPRO Troja - The ideal companion in everyday life

Topro Rollator Troja 2G Premium - online Shop PHILmed 24 GesundheitIndividual rollators of the TOPRO Troja range belong to the lightweight rollators. These special rollators are not only easier to move but also easier to lift, such as at curbs. The weight reduction is achieved by manufacturing the TOPRO Troja models made of carbon. The lightweight, but still very stable material allows a load capacity of up to 130kg and is in no way inferior to its related models. Another special advantage is that the TOPRO rollator is foldable. As a result, it can be accommodated to save space, which makes the rollator also very compact and portable in vehicles. Even in your own home, the TOPRO rollator can easily be folded and placed in a corner. The folded rollators from TOPRO still have a safe and stable stand.

Rollator accessories for TOPRO rollators

Topro Rollator Accessories - online Shop PHILmed 24 Gesundheit The rollators TOPRO Troja, TOPRO Olympos and other models are fully expandable with versatile accessories. To customize the Rollator models to your personal needs, you can choose from this extensive range of TOPRO Rollator accessories: non-slip mats, locks, one-hand simultaneous brakes, name badges, shopping bags, umbrellas, guide handles, back straps, luggage bags, grip, off-road and Comfort wheels, drink holders, stick holders, lamps, tablets, baskets and carrying bags

Rollators such as the TOPRO Troja can, therefore, be customized to meet the requirements of your personal everyday life. All TOPRO accessories are easy to install or change. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our competent staff. The PHILmed team advises you in detail and as needed.

The suitable wheels for the rollator TOPRO Troja 2G

The high-quality TOPRO Troja 2G is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The wheels can be changed easily thanks to the TOPRO Quick System: if you are surprised by a walk in bad weather, you can simply change the wheels before entering the apartment and save yourself from contaminating the property. In addition, all available wheels for the TOPRO Troja 2G are equipped with an internal braking system. Suitable for every surface that you can encounter in the everyday life in the apartment and in the fresh air, we offer various wheels for your TOPRO Rollator:

Grip wheels: These wheels with harder TPE tread tires provide good grip with the TOPRO TROJA 2G on flat and smooth surfaces and surfaces, such as on parquet, on tiles or on the floors of shopping halls, many museums and halls.

Off-road wheels: Handles off-road! The off-road wheels for the TOPRO Troja 2G impress with great tread depth and ensure a secure grip on rough roads, sandy and rocky paths or on cobblestones. With the off-road bikes, you can also go for walks in autumn and winter and drive carefully over wet, smooth foliage. The soft material of the off-road wheels for the TOPRO Troja 2G absorbs shocks and makes it easier for you to get ahead on uneven terrain.

Comfort wheels Also soft and shock absorbing, the comfort wheels offer a good compromise when using the TOPRO Troja 2G model both indoors and outdoors.

More quality of life thanks to the rollator TOPRO Troja

Life is characterized from birth by mobility. Mobility makes people of all ages independent and is, therefore, a symbol of freedom and flexibility. How much a disability restricts everyday life becomes clear to us only when we no longer effortlessly reach the places and businesses of our choice, and perhaps not even more reasonably, via the staircase to our own apartment.

Walking aids such as rollators make it possible for many affected people to get back into everyday life. Rollators have their place in society and are part of the cityscape. The biggest advantage of the increased acceptance is the continuous quality improvement of the rollators. Models from the TOPRO Troja or TOPRO Olympos range offer the highest level of comfort, safety, and indoor and outdoor use. The design of some Rollator models as a lightweight rollator also help to simplify many people with restriction many ways.

Convince yourself of the positive influence that TOPRO Troja can have on your mobility in everyday life. The test grade 1.8 and the "GGT seal" speak for themselves. Last but not least, the company TOPRO from Norway can look back on more than 50 years of company history. The specialists from the far north now supply 24 countries with models such as the TOPRO Troja and the TOPRO Olympos. The popularity is based on a high quality of the material and a permanent development of rollators, which benefit all those affected by mobility problems and walking difficulties.

TOPRO Troja - advice from PHILmed

If you personally or someone from your environment needs a rollator, you are welcome to contact the competent specialist staff of PHILmed. We will gladly inform you in detail about TOPRO Rollators and make recommendations for the models TOPRO Troja, TOPRO Olympos or others. Upon request, we will of course also on the possible accessories for the different models, so we can adjust your TOPRO rollator to your needs.

If your health improves and luckily some accessories are no longer needed, it can be easily removed - in reverse health, it is always possible to easily order other accessories for the TOPRO Troja and other models and attach them. After all, TOPRO rollators should be a support and not a burden. On user-friendliness, great importance is placed on rollators from TOPRO.

Satisfaction is also very important at PHILmed, namely yours! If you have any questions, you can ask for personal advice. By telephone, our employees can be reached on workdays from 8 am to 5 pm at the telephone numbers 03641 - 22 77 42 50. Of course, we answer your inquiries to TOPRO Troja or other TOPRO Rollators in our live chat.

To use the live chat, please see the left edge of the website. There you will see a narrow green bar. As soon as you click on it, a contact window opens in which you can enter your questions. The PHILmed team will contact you as soon as possible.

TOPRO Troja - Your opinion counts and helps others!

Help others to help: After purchasing a TOPRO Troja, a TOPRO Olympos or another model of the TOPRO Rollators and thoroughly testing them in your everyday life, we look forward to hearing from you about the product. For other people, opinions of other users in the field are very helpful, as they can orientate themselves in search of suitable walkers. In addition, your experiences and impressions also help TOPRO to optimize future rollators.

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