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The Indoor Rollator - Easy and a Good Model for Integration

Indoor rollators, ie rollators for the home or other indoor areas, you can use, as the name implies, only indoors, in your own home or in the common areas of a retirement home. Like rollators for outdoors, they also give a lot of safety when walking.

Nevertheless, other very special requirements are naturally placed on these rollators.
Above all, the indoor rollators should not be too big, too heavy, but very manoeuvrable, so that they can be moved and maneuvered even in small apartments, narrow corridors and rooms, generally speaking, in a reduced space. This requires a certain degree of integration with existing (space) conditions.

The wheels of an indoor rollator differ in principle from an all-round or special outdoor walker: With the indoor rollator, the wheels are rather small and designed in such a way that they can be driven particularly well on carpets, parquet or laminate. If the rollator is not needed, it can be parked in a niche or corner to save space, possibly folded up.

Rollators for indoor use are, depending on your area of ​​use, generally also differently equipped than a rollator for outdoors. So a seat is missing, or the rigid basket for purchases. Instead, an indoor walker is often equipped with a removable tray on which you can, for example, bring coffee and cake, a bottle or lunch from one room to another. An indoor rollator is capable of integration - as you will see, in many ways!

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