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The Carbon Framed Rollator - Master in Ultralight Weight

How times change! It's not that long ago that the aluminum rollator has outstripped the first-generation rollators, the sluggish steel tube rollators. Since then, a lot has changed in the market for aluminum rollators: in addition to all the user-friendly modifications and improvements, it was above all the weight of the rollator that was shrinking and providing fresh wind in this market segment. For the users meant and means a pleasing plus in comfort. Because the lighter a rollator, the easier it is to handle.

Development at the Rollator goes to Carbon

The development of the rollator is progressing, the new carbon rollators prove. The stated aim of the manufacturers is to make the rollator even lighter and thus more comfortable with the material carbon.

This happens at a time when the weight savings in the aluminum rollator are obviously exhausted: The lightest aluminum rollators weigh just under 6 kg, less likely to be feasible with an aluminum frame, without losing sight of the safety aspect, and nobody wants that. Carbon rollators are therefore a very promising and forward-looking development in rollator construction. With carbon, a rollator can save another 1 to 2 kg in weight. Perfect!

What is carbon? What is it?
Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), also carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) or - simplified - carbon, is particularly used where a low mass, low weight and high rigidity are required, for example in space travel, in Formula 1 or in cycling.

For the Rollator this means: One is able to build a super-light rollator, but in terms of the strength of the material, leaves nothing to be desired in terms of stability and thus safety.

But since components made of fiber-reinforced materials, compared to metal components, are quite expensive to manufacture, the new generation of rollators also moves in much higher price categories than is the case with aluminum rollators.

Carbon rollators are great - unfortunately also in the price.
A comparably equipped carbon rollator costs twice as much as a good aluminum rollator. The current prices for a carbon rollator are between 450 and 500 euros.

Nonetheless, we believe that the Carbon Rollator has a great future in the market, as many users will find the weight advantage over an aluminum walker worth the extra investment. 

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